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Resin floor has been a leading company since 2009 in developing and delivering resin floor systems. We offer a wide variety of different resin floors, based on epoxy resin, polyurethane or concrete. Each type of resin floor has it’s own characteristic advantages. We are a known company for resin floors made for both commercial and domestic purposes. Our different resin floors vary in starting prices ranging from € 24 up to € 60 per square meter. The larger the space, the better your personal offer will be.

Resin floor thickness

As mentioned before, we offer different types of resin flooring systems. Our simplest resin floor is only as much as 0,2 – 0,5 mm thick. The total thickness depends on the total of layers we apply. Thicker floor systems offer more resistance. Especially in industrial environments a thick system is necessary. Our thickest resin floor is up to 6 mm because of it’s mix of epoxy resin and gravel. It’s also possible to lift your resin floor up to any desired height by thickening the leveling compound.

Epoxy resin floor compositions

A cast floor may be composed by a variety of compounds. We’ll discuss the most popular types of bases:


Polyurethane, known as PU, is best known for its flexible properties. This makes this base ideal for design purposes in domestic spaces. PU levels with the surrounding temperature and is an excellent conductor for floor heating systems. Because of the special characteristics this floor is also perfect for other living areas, such as: offices, hotels and shopping stores.


Whoever is looking for an authentic floor, full of charisma and raw design, should be looking for a cast floor with a concrete base. Our different floors contain up to 90% concrete mixed with epoxy resin. Our customers love this floor, because of it’s beautiful patterns.

Epoxy resin

Cast floors with a predominantly resin base is preferably for industrial environments. It may be applied from the thinnest floors of 0,2 mm up to 3 mm. A perfect floor: to withstand a lot of work traffic, to keep clean in the food industry, or to waterproof large kitchens.

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