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Epoxy flooring

By epoxy flooring we mean all types of resin flooring based on epoxy. Epoxy isn’t only a great base for industrial floorings, but can also be a beautiful solution for modern homes. Each contractor designs their own flooring structures, by which the ratios of epoxy opposed to other materials may vary. Each flooring system has its own benefits and disadvantages. (meaning ‘floor coatings’) started in 2009 and has grown out to be one of Amsterdams finest epoxy flooring companies. When interested in our flooring systems, please request a free quotation via the orange button.

What is epoxy flooring?

An epoxy flooring system is typically fully made of epoxy. Because of the resistant and unbreakable epoxy, these types of flooring are perfect for industrial purposes. It’s high endurance offer a superb flooring that lasts a lifetime.

Industrial epoxy

Epoxy floorings are super resistant and easy to apply, especially in large warehouses and factories. Another great benefit is the possibility to apply all kinds of lines, arrows and squares onto the floor. These design are made by applying different types of colors, which are coated onto the floor. All markups won’t wear out over time.

Epoxy flooring options:

  • Slip resistant topcoat
  • Colored lines, squares or arrows
  • Electro Static Discharge integration
  • Chemical resistance
  • HACCP proof (catering)

Commercial epoxy floor

Though epoxy is especially suitable for industrial purposes, epoxy flooring look magnificently good at home. Ironically enough we speak about epoxy floorings, but the flooring systems for homes don’t have a base of epoxy. Our home floorings are mostly made of polyurethane (PU). That’s because PU is more stretchable and feels soft, whereas epoxy is more stiff. Moreover, PU floors are perfect heat conductors and compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Epoxy flooring for homes: the benefits

  • Stylish and sleek looking floors
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems
  • Seamless floors through your whole living
  • Low-maintenance floor
  • Child and pet friendly

Epoxy resin flooring contractors

When looking for your epoxy flooring contractor, please take a few requirements into account.

  1. Quality over quantity: todays market offer a wide range of contractors, each offering their own flooring systems. All these types of epoxy floors are designed throughout the years. Which means that older companies offer you more guarantees.
  2. A professional contractor possesses some type of showroom, where you’re invited to be guided towards your new floor. This is a great way to become acquainted with your contractor before sealing the deal.
  3. You may recognize a good epoxy flooring company by their varied portfolio, which include more photos of the same project.

FAQ about epoxy flooring

Is epoxy flooring good for homes?

Seamless floors are great for future proof and eco-friendly homes, though these floors are mainly made up with another type of base than epoxy. Specifically PU, which is compatible with underfloor heating.

How much does epoxy flooring cost? offers epoxy floors starting from € 26 up to € 60 per square meter. The prices depend on different factors. Please look at our full assortment of epoxy floors. Each epoxy floor has a different type of layering system.

What are disadvantages of epoxy flooring?

As mentioned before, epoxy floors are actually not compatible with your living space. For homes we offer other kinds of resin floors, based on PU. This is because epoxy is stiff, which is great for warehouses, but less preferable in your home.


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